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Cease burdening your loved ones any longer.

Ensuring the Future Well-being of Your Family

At Viva Planning, we firmly advocate for the importance of having a Will. It is the sole means by which you can exert control over the fate of your assets after your passing, yet astonishingly, *two out of three Britons still lack a Will. Viva Planning is dedicated to rectifying this situation.

Why is a Will essential?

  1. Control over Asset Distribution: Maintain complete control over the allocation of your assets upon your demise.

  2. Security for Family, Friends, and Dependents: Guarantee the security your family, friends, and dependents deserve.

  3. Philanthropic Opportunities: Enable the option to make charitable contributions to causes close to your heart.

What happens without a Will?

  1. Legal Division of Assets: Without a Will, the law determines how your assets are divided, potentially diverging from your intentions.

  2. Spousal Inheritance Concerns: In the absence of a Will, if you’re married with children, your spouse may not automatically inherit your entire estate. Instead, assets could be distributed between your spouse and children.

  3. Unmarried Partner Rights: If unmarried, your partner may not be entitled to any of your assets.

How can Viva Planning assist?

We offer a personalized and professional Will writing service, with trained consultants ready to visit you in the comfort of your home. From gathering information for your Will to guiding you through the entire process and ensuring the proper signing and storage of the final document, Viva Planning is here to support you every step of the way.

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