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What is the Care Act 2014 and its Guidance?

The Care Act 2014, along with its Guidance, represents the latest comprehensive legislation that establishes a framework for the delivery of residential and home care services. It also outlines how local authorities are mandated to structure charges for these services.

Will the equity in my home and assets be taken to pay for residential care and support?

Yes. The Care Act mandates local authorities to ensure that individuals capable of funding their care do not rely on public funds for support.

Is it possible to protect the equity in my home and assets from being taken to pay for residential care and support?

Yes, provided the legal criteria are met. Protecting your home and assets is not only possible but also crucial.

Why have I been advised that my property cannot be protected from care costs?

Your property may indeed be ineligible for protection, or it could be a result of advice from someone not specializing in the Care Act and Guidance. Proper planning and seeking specialist advice can enable the protection of property and assets.

Will protecting my home and assets from residential care costs affect my daily life?

Absolutely not. The protection of your home and assets will have no impact on your day-to-day life, allowing you to continue your routine without disruption.

What if the law changes?

It’s a matter of when, not if, the law changes. Our adherence to current UK law ensures that any arrangements made now will predate new laws, rendering them exempt from future changes.

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